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Welcome to St Louis Grammar School

St Louis pupils

We hope that you enjoy reading this prospectus and that it gives you a flavour of what life is like in our school.

St. Louis is an inclusive school for boys and girls, whose aim is to provide opportunities for all students, enabling them to develop their talents and skills so they can realise their full potential, academically, socially and personally. We seek to provide a secure and happy environment for all children whilst promoting our Catholic ethos in a supportive and caring environment. We provide an academic education of a high standard, but above all we strive to create an environment which encourages pupils' physical, moral and spiritual well-being. We are a learning school where the learning experience is relevant, rewarding, empowering and enjoyable, and where everyone is encouraged to work hard and aim high. The school's pastoral policy emphasises self-esteem and the development of good interpersonal relationships as the basis for effective learning. St. Louis students enjoy the benefits of a disciplined, happy environment, conducive to study under the guidance of well-qualified teachers.

We are committed to working in partnership with our parents to ensure that high expectations are met in the form of excellent examination results and high-quality
extra-curricular experiences. We value parents' support and recognise the importance of their role in the education and development of their children. We provide many opportunities for parental involvement through school Masses, the DELTA programme, sporting, music and fundraising events. Parents are also actively consulted in the formation and review of school policies. St. Louis is a community where the uniqueness of each individual is recognised and where students are prepared to face the world as confident, articulate and mature young adults with all the necessary skills and attributes required to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Principal: Mr. Kevin Martin B.Ed., PGCE, MEd., PQH(NI)

Mr Martin Talking to Pupils