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St Louis Grammar

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151 newry Road


County Down

BT34 4EU

Principal: Mr. Kevin Martin

028 4176 2747

028 4176 0303

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Form Classes

Year 8

Mr Morgan

Form Class Tutor
8DR Miss D Rooney
8FS Mrs F Speers
8MW Mr M White
8JA Mrs J Annett
8OM Mrs O Morgan

Year 9

Miss Clarke

Form Class Tutor
9KS Miss K Smith
9SJM Mrs S Morris / Miss A McAteer
9PR Mr P Rice
9LMV Mrs L McVeigh
9OB Miss O Boyd

Year 10

Mr P Rafferty

Form Class Tutor
10AO Mr A O'Brien
10EC Mrs E Cahill
10SF Miss S Fitzpatrick
10JK Mrs S Gibney
10JR Mr J Reilly

Year 11

Miss A McGivern

Form Class Tutor
11SMV Mr S McVeigh
11RL Mrs R Lynch
11KL Miss K Lavertyh
11NMA Mr N McAleenan

Year 12

Miss S Edgar

Form Class Tutor
12DMD Mrs D McDonagh
12CO Mrs C O'Brien
12JG Mrs J Grant
12AH Mrs A Hill

Year 13

Mr O Sloane

Form Class Tutor
13CQ Mr C Quail
13AC Mrs A Calderwood
13GQ Mr G Quigg
13EO Mrs E Owens

Year 14

Mr A Monaghan

Form Class Tutor
14GM Mr G Moan
14CF Mrs C Fearon / Miss T Bell
14TC Mrs T Cunningham

Senior Management


Mr K. Martin

Vice Principal

Mr E McGlue

Senior teachers

Miss C King (Head of Pastoral / Head of Junior School / Child Protection Officer)

Mr T Brown / Mrs B Cunningham (Head of Middle School)

Mr E McGlue (Head of Senior School)

Board of Governors

Mr B Cunningham - Chairperson / Trustee Representative

Mr Kevin Martin - Principal & Secretary to the Board of Governors

Mr E McGlue - Minutes Secretary


Mrs J Thompson

Mrs R Hart

Other important staff


Counselling 4 Youth

Child Protection Officer

Mr Loye in his absence: Miss Carr, or Mr Martin.

School Nurse

Mrs D Dlay

Buildings and grounds supervisor

Mr K Cunningham