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St Louis Grammar


Mathematics is an essential and valuable part of the curriculum at St. Louis. It is a subject which is rich in opportunities for developing careers and acting as a doorway into third level education. It is all around us; in the places we live and in the things that we use. Mathematics develops an array of problem solving skills and reasoning which people utilise in many aspects of their life. Mathematics provides the foundation for much of the work carried out in science and engineering but it is found in many other disciplines including medicine, design, computing, accounts, business, economics and many more.

All students are taught by teachers specialising in Mathematics. There are currently four members in the Mathematics department. The department main aim is to enable pupils to acquire new knowledge and make progress according to their ability so that they increase their understanding and develop their skills in Mathematics.

At Key Stage 3 students follow the revised curriculum experiencing mathematics in the contexts of Processes, Number, Algebra, Shape and Space and Data Handling.

Throughout the Key Stage students are assessed and given opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in each of these areas.

Extra Curricular

The students take part in a number of Mathematics related competitions and events throughout the year.
 These include;

  • UK Junior Math’s Challenge.
  • UK Intermediate Math’s Challenge.
  • UK Senior Math’s Challenge.
  • Math’s Week Ireland
  • Monthly In-house  Mathematics Competitions
  • QUB Outreach events
  • Young Enterprise workshops

GCSE Mathematics is compulsory for all pupils. Pupils may opt for GCSE Further Mathematics as one of their options.

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A Level Mathematics remains a popular subject in the school.

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