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St Louis Grammar

Religious Education

“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

Religious Education in St Louis is taught to every student from Year 8 to Year 14. It contributes to the personal reflection and development of each young person while also highlighting the importance of respect for all beliefs and traditions. As well as following a course of study at KS3 and KS4, all students at post 16 level participate in RE classes as part of a modular programme of study. These cover topics such as –the meaning of life; human rights; world religions; morality; love and relationships. They have the opportunity to take part in debates; listen to guest speakers and use ICT facilities to research and gather information on various topics.

  • To develop in our students a deeper understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • To pray as part of a faith community and experience different forms of prayer
  • To learn and understand the main teachings of the Catholic Church and how they relate to their daily lives
  • To learn about and follow the example of Christian role models
  • To celebrate and appreciate the sacraments
  • To understand and appreciate the faith and religious beliefs of others
  • To synthesise faith and practice
  • To develop a wide range of thinking skills

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At KS3 the range of topics studied includes:

  • Understanding God and his Church
  • Knowing oneself and making decisions
  • Awareness of God’s revelation in Scripture
  • Relationships- peer; family; community
  • Responsibility towards others
  • Understanding world religions
  • Respect for the environment
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All students in St Louis complete a qualification in Religious Education over 2 years, either a GCSE or a Level 2 Certificate.
Please click on the link below to display the Religious Education pages from the GCSE prospectus.

Each year a significant number of students choose to study A Level Religious Studies following the CCEA specification –The Celtic Church and Religious Ethics. Both these modules allow the students to develop their skills of analysis and critical thinking.
Please click on the link below to display the Religious Education page from the Post 16 prospectus.

RE OCN Prospectus RE GCSE Prospectus
RE A Level Prospectus

Mrs Lynch(Teacher in charge)
Mrs McAteer
Mr Sloan
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