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St Louis Grammar

Computing & ICT

Computational thinking & ICT skills are considered a valuable part of the curriculum at St. Louis. Pupils study discrete Computing & ICT throughout years 8-10, and have a range of options to choose from at GCSE and A Level. Our aim is to equip pupils with the Digital Literacy and programming skills needed to use ICT in all curriculum areas and on into the world of work.

The department is well resourced - we have four ICT suites, one of which is a Apple Mac suite, as well as laptops, and iPads available for pupil use.

The Computing & ICT department offer Digital Technologies and Computer Science at GCSE. Software Systems Development and Applied ICT (OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3) at Post-16.

Mrs McMullan (Teacher in Charge) and Mr. Brown teach ICT, Digital technologies and Computer Science at GCSE and A Level. They are joined by Mrs T Cunningham and Mrs Speers in the junior school.

In Key Stage 3 pupils learn a range of essential skills including safeguarding and e-safety, as well as how to make use of audio and video equipment to produce their own digital media. Minecraft, Scratch, Game Maker, "Computational thinking" and Web design are part of our Key Stage 3 computer programming courses. Pupils also develop their Digital Literacy skills through the use of Audacity, Movie Maker, Prezi, Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

  • Equip pupils with the skills needed to be confident and responsible users of ICT. To embrace the technological tools available, to be active consumers and creators of digital media.
  • Provide pupils with the ability to discriminate when researching, to discern the difference between fake and real, to deepen and broaden their understanding, to actively seek and question the digital world around them.
  • Develop “computational thinking” and problem solving skills. To analyse, to experiment, to break down problems, to predict, to test, to fail, to persevere, and succeed when designing and developing digital products.
  • Equip pupils with the skills to collaborate and to work in teams to develop and share ideas, to showcase their work whilst safely demonstrating acceptable online behaviour.
  • To make pupils aware of the possibilities that are available to them at school, at University, at a local level, and in the world of work.

Digital Technologies (CCEA)

GCSE ICT is a popular subject in the school. Digital Technologies is the new name for the ICT qualification which will begin in September 2017

Please click on the link below which will display the GCSE Digital Technologies page from the prospectus.

Computer Science (OCR - 9-1)

GCSE Computing has run for four years and is growing in popularity.

Please click on the link below which will display the GCSE Computer Science page from the prospectus.

Please click the link below to view the GCSE Level 2 Applied ICT OCN page from the prospectus.

Applied ICT - OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3

This Applied IT qualification has been a popular choice for the last twelve years and pupils have achieved excellent results. This is equivalent to one A Level and is accepted by all UK universities.

Please click on the screen below which will display the Applied IT Qualification page on the 6th Form Website.