ICT Facilities

Common Room ICT Suite6th formers have access to computers in the study room. These can be booked during study periods. Pupils studying Music or Music Technology will also have access to state of the art iMacs in the Music Technology Lab.

Pupils studying ICT, Technology, Construction, Engineering, Music or Music Technology may have additional periods booked in to the ICT facilities. The school has four well equipped ICT rooms plus a laptop trolley. Pupils are also allowed to use their own laptops or other suitable devices in the study room.

Using these devices pupils can access the school’s wireless network to use the Internet and other online resources.

Pupils studying Music Technology will be able to access the new iMac suite and the recording studio.

Music TEchnology Facilities Mixing Desk used for Music Technology

Study Room

Study RoomPupils are given study periods in the study room when they are not attending lessons.

The study room is for quiet study or use of the ICT facilities. Pupils can also use their own laptops during this time.

Common Room

Common RoomPupils can access the common room during lunch and break times.

This is a time to relax from your studies and to socialise with your peers and catch up on the days events.

The Fitness Suite

Fitness SuitePupils who study the PE A level will have access to our own on-site gym.

All 6th form pupils will also be able to access the gym during certain times after or during school. The gym features a range of professional equipment.

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