A Level Music

  • Do you want to extend your musical ability?

  • Do you want to extend your ability to analyse music?

  • Do you want to perform and compose music using the latest in music technology?

  • Then Music A Level is for you!

A Level Music

This course involves listening to, performing, and composing music.

A wide variety of instruments including the voice can be used in the performance set works.

The A level is suitable for pupils who can perform any style music to the standard of at least grade 5. Good rock and Irish Trad musicians are often playing at this standard already.

The Music A level aims to:

  • extend the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to communicate through
    music and to take part in music-making;

  • engage and extend your appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music,
    thereby promoting your spiritual and cultural development;

  • develop particular strengths and interests, thereby encouraging lifelong learning and providing access to music-related and other careers; and

  • recognise the interdependence of musical skills, knowledge and understanding as well
    as the links between the activities of performing, composing and appraising.


Course Units - 2 at AS / 2 at A2

  • AS 1: Performing
    Worth 32.5%

  • AS 2: Composing. 1 piece of Coursework
    worth 32.5%

  • AS 3: Responding to Music
    1 listening and 1 written exam. Worth 35%

  • A2 1: Performing
    Worth 32.5%

  • A2 2: Composing
    Worth 32.5%

  • A2 3: Responding to music
    1 listening and 1 written exam. Worth 35%

A Level Music Entry Requirements

This qualification requires pupils to have:

7 GCSEs A*-C—Including English, Maths and a B grade in GCSE Music.

This course could lead to careers in:

  • Music Production
  • Sound engineering
  • Music Performance
  • Media
  • Composing
  • Teaching
  • Peripatetic Teaching
  • Music Technology
  • Music Education
  • ICT
  • Popular Music
  • Media
  • Performing Arts

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