Labour Market Information
The following areas are extremely important to the Northern Ireland Economy:

  • ICT / Computing
  • creative and digital media
  • business and financial services
  • advanced manufacturing and engineering
  • agri-food sector

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Future job opportunities in Northern Ireland

The following areas are extremely important to the Northern Ireland economy:

  • ICT / Computing
  • creative and digital media
  • business and financial services
  • advanced manufacturing and engineering
  • renewable energies and recycling
  • health and life sciences
  • agri-food sector

ICT / Computing

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), particularly software development, database development, systems architecture and internet specialist skills, is at the heart of every organisation and is central to our daily lives: mobile communication, computer games, touch screen technology, satellite navigation devices – the list is endless. Many large international IT based companies have chosen Northern Ireland as their base in the UK and these include: Liberty IT, Allstate, First Derivatives, Seagate, Fujitsu, and Concentrix. Northern Ireland is one of the world’s top destinations for financial technology and R&D investment (Invest NI 2017).

Creative and Digital Media

Digital is everywhere and is at the heart of the UK economy, underpinning growth through both the development of new technologies and the provision of services to businesses and consumers. Key market growth areas identified by national and international level research include:

  • cloud computing
  • mobile technologies
  • cross-platform mobile applications
  • computer games and digital entertainment
  • cyber-security products and services
  • green/low carbon IT products

Business and Financial Services

There are seven different industries within the finance, accountancy and financial services sector. Jobs vary from:

  • accountants
  • bank officials
  • underwriters
  • insurance and investment brokers
  • actuaries and pensions advisers

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

This includes careers requiring CAD skills, CNC machine operatives, mechanical and electrical engineering skills including at technician level and strategic marketing to name but a few.

Renewable Energies and Recycling

European and global agreements on more energy efficient technology are creating demand for new engineering solutions. Mechanical engineers are at the forefront of designing everything from better forms of green energy and zero emission engines to the latest breed of nuclear power stations. It’s a highly skilled profession but has multiple entry routes.

Careers in this sector include:

  • mechanical engineers
  • research and development managers
  • physical scientists
  • design and development engineers
  • biological scientists and biochemists

Health and Life Sciences

The Health and Life Sciences sector is one of Northern Ireland’s most important sectors. The sector combines all elements of science and technology that contribute to the discovery and development of products for the healthcare and well-being of humans and animals. Northern Ireland companies and universities have experience in delivering innovative research, products and services to global customers in areas such as Precision Medicine, Diagnostics, Connected Health, Clinical Trials and Data Analytics.


Food and drink manufacturing includes the processing of meat and poultry, dairy, fish and shellfish, fruit and vegetables and the production of bakery and drinks products amongst others. Areas of work include bakery, distillery, creamery and ready meals production. Jobs can include:

  • laboratory technicians
  • food scientists
  • biotech
  • machine operatives
  • butcher
  • supply chain manager

Useful Websites

University Application Websites - This site allows you to search for courses on the basis of subject, university / college or location. The site also provides links to individual university and college websites. - Comprehensive website for searching degrees in ROI and applying online

Exam Board websites Northern Ireland’s Exam Board - AQA - Pearson / Edexcel - Oxford Cambridge and RSA

General Websites for Career Information and projected job trends - Password for St Louis Grammar Students - kangaroo. The site allows you find information about different careers and to research the Labour Market Information and predicted Job trends up to 2022. - Register on the website and use the Careers A-Z facility to research job information and links between GCSE subject choices and careers. Examine information about the skills in demand in NI. - Complete the buzz quiz to identify what type of work you maybe suited to. Research different careers and listen to case studies. - Comprehensive website for searching out degree courses in ROI and researching career options.

Recruitment websites specific to NI jobs

Websites to support development of CV’S and complete job application forms

Universities - Queen’s University Belfast - The University of Ulster - St Mary’s University College Belfast - Dundalk Institute of Technology - The National Universities of Ireland website - University College Dublin - Trinity College Dublin - National College of Art and Design - Dublin City University - Dublin Institute of Technology - The University of Limerick - University College Cork

Regional College - Southern Regional College - South Easter Regional College - Belfast Metropolitan

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