What is expected

As a senior member of the school community you are expected to:

  • Work independently.
  • Work collaboratively with staff and fellow students.
  • Be punctual - be well behaved - make good use of your time.
  • Succeed!

What is expected?

Pupils in the sixth are our next generation of leaders.

Sixth formers are seen as role models and must therefore act in an adult manner at all times. You may also be asked to act as a mentor to younger pupils, as well as take on whole school roles such as ‘Prefect’ which entails additional responsibilities.

If you choose St. Louis 6th form you have shown you have decided to further your learning, that you want to be here. Therefore you are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all times, to be punctual to school and to lessons, and to make good use of your spare time in the study room and common room facilities.

You are also expected to dress appropriately. A full list of school uniform for sixth formers is included in the welcome pack. 6th formers should take pride in their appearance.

You are encouraged to give back, to volunteer, to take part, to be all you can be.

As a St. Louis sixth form pupil you are:

  • expected to work independently
  • expected to work collaboratively and to show respect to teachers and fellow students
  • expected to succeed!

In order to succeed in 6th form, pupils should be aware of the ‘achievement triangle’. These three points lead to overall success:


Not all pupils start with the same ability, but this will develop over the duration of the course provided you study effectively.


There is a clear link between attendance and achievement. Every lesson missed may contain vital information required for exams.


Pupils must want to succeed - you cannot afford to take a passive approach to your studies.

Achievement Triangle

As Head Boy, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and experiences over my 7 years at St Louis. From teacher-pupil communication in class and to the extensive selection of after school activities, St Louis caters for all abilities and interests. I am most thankful for all the help and encouragement from teachers, I feel like they have helped me prepare for the transition to University.
Matthew Carvill - Head Boy

I became Head Girl because I wanted to give back to a school community that had given so much to me. Over the past 7 years, St Louis allowed me and those around me to grow in confidence, develop key skills and learn what it is to be part of a real community through taking part in concerts, extra curricular activities and charity fundraising. I am certain I made the right decision in coming to St Louis as it helped me to realise my potential and learn to connect with those around me.
Jill Clerkin - Head Girl

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